Presentation Skills Coaching & Content Development

Improve Presentation Skills, Wow Audiences And Cultivate More Business

Presenting is a Skill

Hire Cory to work with you or your team and learn from one of the most highly rated, credentialed, and skilled speakers in the Industry.

Coaching with Cory
at our Facility

VA for a one-day program where you will present on camera, get coached by Cory  & receive a skills improvement action plan.

On-Site Coaching
for Sales Teams

Have Cory visit your offices and work with your group to build valuable presentation skills across your organization.

Content Development
and Curation

Access and leverage our vast experience creating powerful keynote, sales, and OEM RFP stand-up presentations.

Our Specialty Areas

A commitment to help great vendors help our industry

Story Telling


Data Translation


Tonality & Engagement


Next Steps Positioning


“Cory was engaging, funny, and put things in a way that resonated with those who attended. Cory’s presentation is one of high energy and even though he had the dreaded “after lunch” spot, there were no yawns or sleepy eyes. Cory does a particularly nice job of including those who he is speaking to in the presentation itself.”

Jason Wilson, VADA

my experience matters for your business growth

20 years of experience working with Automotive Retailers, OEM's and Industry Associations

Trusted by the Best Dealers, OEM's, Vendors, and Industry Associations